Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Secret the 1st

I feel lost in life, like I don't have a purpose.

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I know most people would think I have a good life but when you've had it for as long as I have you'll soon see the problem. No one ever listens to you in it and if something seems wrong everyone will just go on denying that there was ever a problem in the first place. Soon enough you get fed up because you can't talk to anyone without them laughing as if it were a joke.
I feel like I need some motivation to live like I do, somekind of goal to strive for but whenever I reach it I quickly have to make another one to keep myself busy. Nothing interesting ever happens and everthing is predictable. After awhile things start to blend together and life feels like it's moving to quickly for you to keep up. The last thing that ever seemed to have a purpose to me was when I was making a cosplay costume for a friend of mine but that was quickly finished.

Now I have to think of a new goal to keep myself busy,
Dorcha Aingeal

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