Saturday, 29 September 2012

And so it begins again...

It seems I have returned to this blog after neglecting for a long time but I finally have some goals in life.

1. I want to a bodyguard when I leave school
I have no training of any kind except from basic parkour, karate and experiences in fights but I have never had to protect anyone before. I was drawn to the idea of being able to defend someone when I was 8 and my best friend was killed, a little cliche but it let me to thinking I was never good enough. I never try at anything, ever, I was tricked into doing an IQ test by a teacher and I received 168 as my result. How could that be a measure of your actual mental capability? All you have to do is identify shapes and what they would look like from different angles, its stupid. Anyway, now that I have a goal I plan to work towards it to the best of my ability so I have a head start when I leave school.

2. Which is related to my previous goal. I want to learn 14 different languages,
why? You might ask. I don't know but I have started learning a little Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, German, Italian, Gaelic, Latin and I am fluent in English. I do Japanese at school and I am trying to teach myself the other languages.

3. Lose weight until I am 50kg.
I am 156cm tall and wish I was 165 but I suppose I have to work with what I have. I want to become fit enough to be able to run if I have to and be able to survive. I am going to try improving my parkour and start learning Wing Tsun while doing other exercises to help strengthen myself in order to make it easier to achieve my goals. Daily I want to do 50 sit ups (+10 a week), 10 push ups (+5 a week), 100 jumping jacks, plank for 1 minute (+30 seconds a week) and run around my fence 10 times (+2 a week) as well as improving my diet.

4. I want to improve my grades at school for once and get A+ for everything instead of just B's and A's.
I also want to learn chess and strategy related exercises  because they could benefit me later in life. I would also like to become better at mechanics in case of an emergency.

That's all for now,

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