Sunday, 30 September 2012

Daily Fitness

Everyday I do a similar workout and it mostly composes of:

5 minute walk
1 minute sprint
1 minute slow walk

Then something like these workouts:

This one is very good and has done wonders for my stomach

This one is good for thighs and achieving a thigh gap

Both of these workouts have worked for me and I will post more if I think they are any good. You can do these ones anywhere from your bedroom to the beach because you don't need any equipment. Every Friday me and some friends learn the dances to some kpop songs for half an hour and that is a pretty good exercise as well, as long as you sweat. Drink lots of water and have a balanced diet.

That pretty much sums up my daily work out.

For my normal sports I do parkour whenever I can, parkour is basically where you try to get from a certain place to another, as fast as possible. This involves doing a lot of jumping over and navigating obstacles. My goal for this is to someday try out for Ninja Warrior and hopefully win. My inspiration in this field is Ayako Miyake.

I also do a little bit of Touch Football at school and that's about it.

My original inspiration is a deathrock model named Razor Candi but now there are to many to choose from. 

Dorcha Aingeal

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