Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Raison D'etre by Nightmare

Ah ikutsumono yoru wo koetakootta yume to kieyuku namidaWarm me, Warm me, Wrap me
ichido subete wo wasureta hazu na no nihito wo aisenai kono mi ga nikui
dokomade aruitemo owari ga mienaikako no kioku wo michizure nikono mi wa nani iro ni somariyuku no daroukotae wo sagashiteiru
mou modoranai ketsubetsu no hifukaku nezashita kizu wa kienaiHide it, Hide it, Hide me
ryoute ni mochikirenai hodo no hoshikuzuhitotsu, mata hitotsu sora ni kaeshite
yowakute mijimena jibun wa ano koronani mo shirazu ni ikiteitasoredemo itsudemo asu wo yume mite wayubiori kazoeteita
ikiru imi nado shiranai mama de iiitsuka waraeru hi ga kuru naraba
ano hi, anata no kotoba hitotsu detsuyoku nareru kigashita yo"nani mo kawaranai de ima no mama de ii"
imademo kokoro no dokoka ni anata ga iru karamayowazu ni aruite ikeruowari ga mienakute mo ii to omoeta yotabi yuku etoranje kotae wa shirankute ii

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Everyday Wear

The Masquerade

Ever since I was younger I have always been fascinated with masquerades, a place where people can openly show the masks they wear. You can only guess who is your friend and who is a stranger, a place of mystery and beauty that can only be found in a ball.

Many stories use masquerades in them to aid the story for example a famous one would have to be Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, where they both meet and become infatuated with one another at a masquerade ball.

Everyone wears a mask whether that be one of an 'ordinary' person or a liar, who knows?

Come and join the masquerade,
Dorcha Aingeal
I found this and couldn't help but laugh every time I read it. Good tip.

Friday, 5 October 2012


Just a thought but I have always admired women who have beautiful figures and shaped waists. Not the incredibly '><' figure, but more like this.

As you can see this look can be achieved through corset/waist training. There are many types of corsets such as overbust and underbust corsets. 'A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing this item, or with a more lasting effect). Both men and women are known to wear corsets, though women are more common wearers' -Wikipedia 

This is an example of an underbust corset, as you can see it goes from her hips to just under her bust. They come in many designs and I think they are beautiful.

This is an example of an overbust corset because it goes from the hips to over the bust. They can be worn be themselves or with a shirt because of their coverage.

A common misconception about corsets is that they are meant to be tightened to a point where it becomes hard for the wearer to breath. This is NOT true, if a corset is uncomfortable or to tight you are in fact encouraged to take it off. They are supposed to be comfortable and give you a good posture because of their structure.

Just a bit of info,
Dorcha Aingeal

Inspiration of a different kind

This post will essentially be a rambling of whatever it is I happen to be thinking at the time...

EMILIE AUTUMN,  Versailles and Lelouch Vi Britannia, are probably the people who have had the biggest impact in my life so far, whether they be real or not.

Emilie Autumn is an actress, musician and poet who taught me that no matter what your past is you can still fight on for yourself and your believes. Even if you are pinned down with disorders and tragedy in your, even after you've given up on yourself and everyone you just have to keep doing what you believe in. Her music style is unique and inspirational, she tells a story every time she sets foot on the stage and you are sent spiraling into a world where you are looking through someone else's eyes. You can see every gruesome, artistic detail with plain clarity and you think.

Versailles is a japanese band that taught me the wonders of music and that even if you are male you are not restricted by what society says. Society is always changing and adapting so something that used to be considered wrong might suddenly become right. This is a world where everyone wears a mask and sometimes you just decide to let your's slide to the ground and show the world who you are. Versailles allows you to see things with the eyes of an aristocrat and their music is enchanting.

Lelouch Vi Britannia is a character from the anime Code Geass. Many people consider him cruel or just good looking but I think of him as a person fighting to keep with his purpose, achieving it through any means necessary. Even by challenging a nation that would oppose your very existence and use you. He uses those around him to achieve the 'end result' which is all that matters to him and I can kind of identify with that.

I would highly recommend these musicians and anime to anyone, I find them personally highly enjoyable.

Dorcha Aingeal

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Draw with me

Mikeinel is one of my favourite artists because of a video called Draw with me. The video can be found on youtube be searching 'Draw with me mikeinel'.

It tells the tale of 2 people separated by a glass wall that is to high for them to climb over and they can't reach the other side. After a while they start trying to talk but realize the only way they can communicate is by drawing pictures and writing words on the wall. It is a beautiful story with a twist at the end. I would recommend it to anyone.


Dorcha Aingeal

Monday, 1 October 2012

Well that's my dream down the drain...

Apparently the minimum height needed to become a bodyguard is 5'7 and I'm only 5'2. It's a bit of a long stretch to reach that height in 2 years and both of my parents are short so that's not exactly encouraging. I think I'm going to try as hard as I can to study and become faster and fitter to make up for my size, maybe, just maybe, it will give me what I need to stand a chance in getting the job. I wish I was taller.

That is my one wish, and it will be my one ultimate wish in life. I've tried stretching and exercising but nothing seems to help, and there aren't any martial arts dojos in my area. I don't want to learn the wrong technique so I'm going to try and better myself and become fitter so when the time comes to actually learning the art it will make my life just a little bit easier.

This is my only dream,
Dorcha Aingeal