Sunday, 30 September 2012

Razor Candi

This is Razor Candi and since I am a complete slacker I'm just going to post an interview which can be found here.

How did you get into modelling?

Technically I don’t like to describe myself as a model since I am not signed to an agency and I do my own styling, hair and makeup , I like think of myself as more of an artist. I took an interest to modeling at about age 15 or so but really started working more professionally with it at around 18. When I first started out my main focus wasn’t to become anyone, it was simply a leisure pursuit and to express myself. It was a fun way to capture all the time I put into my styling ideas. I had been posting my images and artwork online since ’99 but in 2003 with the Friendster and Myspace break out it was a break through. I started to get a lot of feedback on my work, I had photographers contacting me from all over, fan art and letters streaming in, it truly motivated me to keep creating new work, it was encouraging for me to know that I had reached out and moved these people, I gave them hope and courage to go out and be themselves and to feel better about themselves and this gave me desire and audacity to continue what I was doing.

What are your three best tips for aspiring models?

Be Yourself. Be Creative. Never expect anything.

What are the pitfalls of this business, what do you need to be aware of and avoid?

Gossip/Drama : try to steer clear of this, though at times it can be difficult and you will get sucked in without even wanting to.

Unprofessionalism : You will run into a lot of fakes who pretend to know what’s going on or who will lie just to selfishly gain something from you. 

Jealousy/Backhanded Comments : Negative Feedback is one thing, not everyone will like what you do and you will get people stating their opinions on what they think of a photo, it’s common in art, however you will also run into very backhanded, snide, patronizing comments that are often times the result of jealousy. These can get very frustrating because they are of no help toward perfecting the art but only there to bring you down.

Copycats : Though it is a bit of a hush hush topic, I don’t care who you are, people don’t like to have their work mimicked, copied, or impersonated without credit only to have them turn around and do the above stated pitfall! I know we are supposed to just pretend like it’s no big thing but it is really irritating to have your ideas replicated and turned into something ‘typical’ to the point that you just become a product. This will, unfortunately and unavoidably, always without fail, happen to you in the business.

These are my main peeves about the business, I know most don’t want to hear it but someone has got to say it.

Do you ever get sick of modelling?

All the time haha! But usually a break is just needed and I rediscover my passion.

If you weren't modelling, what would you be doing?

Painting, reading, I’ve recently taken quite an interest to more outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and camping. I love educating myself and watching documentaries on science, politics, human and animal liberation etc.

What are your plans for the future? A lot of models seem to end up behind the camera when they have had enough of modelling, is photography something you would like to do?

I am interested in photography however I couldn’t see myself as a photographer, if anything I’d probably be a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist or hairstylist. I haven’t made any future plans, usually I just let things flow and happen naturally.

Have you noticed any differences in the modelling business in Europe versus the USA?

There is much less of a demand for it here, though it’s been three years since I live here so I’m beginning to meet the right people who are interested in working with alternative models.

How about the general goth scene, any differences there?

Pretty big difference. I’ve noticed a lot of the Goths are actually more like metal heads that’ve recently discovered goth so it’s only just developing. There aren’t any official goth clubs, only rock bars or goth nights here and there which also influences the scene a bit and keeps people from really being able to express themselves and become exposed to new sub cultures or even get to know one another within the scene. 

What do you miss about the USA, and are you ever going back?

What I miss about the USA is how much we American’s are pampered and spoiled. The occasional rendezvous at 3am to your local Wal-Mart, the stops at the 24 hour restaurants, and the freedom of looking completely crazy and by law knowing you are safe. Of course I miss my friends and family the most, but I’ve come to really enjoy the time I’ve spent in Romania because I’ve learned a lot about the brainwashing and consumerism of the American people, only to realize I was but one of those sheep that followed the herd with my Wal-Mart visits, consumption of franchised fast food and taking advantage of the fact that I can leave the house with a 10” Mohawk and 8” platforms. I think it would be hard to readjust to the American way of life, knowing that we are all being dumbed down by the media to keep us ignorant to the torment of the rest of the planet, I can’t go back to being another American product, but if I move back to the States I will be sure to appreciate every last moment of freedom rather than be ignorant to it by dumbing myself with iphones, television, facebook and all the miracles of consumer America! Fuck Yeah!

What's happening in your life right now?

Right now? Not much. Same ‘ol stuff really. Making photos from time to time, collecting ink, and enjoying every moment I have with my husband. 

A big thank you to the lovely Razor Candi for letting us interview her!

Ayaki Miyake

Ayako Miyake is a three time champion of Ninja Warrior, which is a TV Show (if you live in Australia it is on every Sunday on SBS at 7:30pm I think) where competitors from all over the world, including Olympic medalists and many others compete for the title of Ninja Warrior Allstar.

 This is a video of her victory

What inspires me the most is the fact that she is no Olympic medalist or big time sportsperson but an Acrobatic dancer. She used to be a gymnast in her teens but moved to acrobatics and joined a dance troupe. It just comes to prove that it doesn't matter what your background is you can still achieve your goals as long as you try hard enough. She might have lost once but winning three times in a row is still a so far unbeatable feat.

Dorcha Aingeal

Daily Fitness

Everyday I do a similar workout and it mostly composes of:

5 minute walk
1 minute sprint
1 minute slow walk

Then something like these workouts:

This one is very good and has done wonders for my stomach

This one is good for thighs and achieving a thigh gap

Both of these workouts have worked for me and I will post more if I think they are any good. You can do these ones anywhere from your bedroom to the beach because you don't need any equipment. Every Friday me and some friends learn the dances to some kpop songs for half an hour and that is a pretty good exercise as well, as long as you sweat. Drink lots of water and have a balanced diet.

That pretty much sums up my daily work out.

For my normal sports I do parkour whenever I can, parkour is basically where you try to get from a certain place to another, as fast as possible. This involves doing a lot of jumping over and navigating obstacles. My goal for this is to someday try out for Ninja Warrior and hopefully win. My inspiration in this field is Ayako Miyake.

I also do a little bit of Touch Football at school and that's about it.

My original inspiration is a deathrock model named Razor Candi but now there are to many to choose from. 

Dorcha Aingeal

Saturday, 29 September 2012

And so it begins again...

It seems I have returned to this blog after neglecting for a long time but I finally have some goals in life.

1. I want to a bodyguard when I leave school
I have no training of any kind except from basic parkour, karate and experiences in fights but I have never had to protect anyone before. I was drawn to the idea of being able to defend someone when I was 8 and my best friend was killed, a little cliche but it let me to thinking I was never good enough. I never try at anything, ever, I was tricked into doing an IQ test by a teacher and I received 168 as my result. How could that be a measure of your actual mental capability? All you have to do is identify shapes and what they would look like from different angles, its stupid. Anyway, now that I have a goal I plan to work towards it to the best of my ability so I have a head start when I leave school.

2. Which is related to my previous goal. I want to learn 14 different languages,
why? You might ask. I don't know but I have started learning a little Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, German, Italian, Gaelic, Latin and I am fluent in English. I do Japanese at school and I am trying to teach myself the other languages.

3. Lose weight until I am 50kg.
I am 156cm tall and wish I was 165 but I suppose I have to work with what I have. I want to become fit enough to be able to run if I have to and be able to survive. I am going to try improving my parkour and start learning Wing Tsun while doing other exercises to help strengthen myself in order to make it easier to achieve my goals. Daily I want to do 50 sit ups (+10 a week), 10 push ups (+5 a week), 100 jumping jacks, plank for 1 minute (+30 seconds a week) and run around my fence 10 times (+2 a week) as well as improving my diet.

4. I want to improve my grades at school for once and get A+ for everything instead of just B's and A's.
I also want to learn chess and strategy related exercises  because they could benefit me later in life. I would also like to become better at mechanics in case of an emergency.

That's all for now,