Friday, 5 October 2012

Inspiration of a different kind

This post will essentially be a rambling of whatever it is I happen to be thinking at the time...

EMILIE AUTUMN,  Versailles and Lelouch Vi Britannia, are probably the people who have had the biggest impact in my life so far, whether they be real or not.

Emilie Autumn is an actress, musician and poet who taught me that no matter what your past is you can still fight on for yourself and your believes. Even if you are pinned down with disorders and tragedy in your, even after you've given up on yourself and everyone you just have to keep doing what you believe in. Her music style is unique and inspirational, she tells a story every time she sets foot on the stage and you are sent spiraling into a world where you are looking through someone else's eyes. You can see every gruesome, artistic detail with plain clarity and you think.

Versailles is a japanese band that taught me the wonders of music and that even if you are male you are not restricted by what society says. Society is always changing and adapting so something that used to be considered wrong might suddenly become right. This is a world where everyone wears a mask and sometimes you just decide to let your's slide to the ground and show the world who you are. Versailles allows you to see things with the eyes of an aristocrat and their music is enchanting.

Lelouch Vi Britannia is a character from the anime Code Geass. Many people consider him cruel or just good looking but I think of him as a person fighting to keep with his purpose, achieving it through any means necessary. Even by challenging a nation that would oppose your very existence and use you. He uses those around him to achieve the 'end result' which is all that matters to him and I can kind of identify with that.

I would highly recommend these musicians and anime to anyone, I find them personally highly enjoyable.

Dorcha Aingeal

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